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  Nelly & Nikki
Pictures count: 70 Full Video Length: 90 Min 02 Secs
Name: Nelly & Nikki
Age: 19 and 19
Zodiac: Libra and Capricorn
Status: Boyfriends
Eyes: Brown and Brown
Hobbie: Cooking
Ahh sweet nineteen, such a magical age; the best of the years. Nelly and Nikki met for the first time at Nelly's nineteenth birthday party. It wasn't long before both pussy pals were kissing and sticking their hands down their pants. Dropping their panties, the barely legal ladies spend hours exploring each other's bodies and eating an incredible amount of pussy. The sexy duo has plans to fuck Nikki's boyfriend together. Or they may just skip it and fuck each other some more.
  Simone & Alexa
Pictures count: 340 Full Video Length: 25 Min 52 Secs
Name: Simone & Alexa
Age: 19 and 19
Eyes: Brown and Brown
Hobbie: Flirting
Latina heartthrobs always bring the heat! Alexis and Simone are fed up trying to get a steady guy to fuck so they turn their attention on each other. Too many lonely nights alone equal lots of solo masturbation sessions. But these two are craving something more. Simone grabs a double dong from her closet and busts into Alexis' room as she's fingerbanging herself. Watch in awe as these fine Latinas bury the fake prick deep in their pink and ride it until their cum soaks the sheets.
  Amanda & Tammy
Pictures count: 88 Full Video Length: 85 Min 21 Secs
Name: Amanda & Tammy
Age: 22 and 22
Zodiac: Aries and Gemini
Status: Single
Eyes: Blue and Brown
Hobbie: Gardening
Amanda and Tammy were sorority sisters and roommates back in college. They got together for a small reunion and decided to relive one of their favorite college memoires. A long of dancing followed by a wicked threesome with some random dude. Lucky for Tammy, Amanda brought her toys along too. So while Amanda was getting deep dicked, Tammy played with her own pussy and she sucked the guy's balls.
Pictures count: 693 Full Video Length: 75 Min 37 Secs
Name: Angelina
Age: 18
Zodiac: Cancer
Status: Single
Eyes: Brown
Hobbie: Nature Walks
Cute as a button and horny as fuck, Angelina just graduated high school. But her days of learning aren't nearly finished. Hooking up with two guys at the local mall, Angelina never believed she's have two cocks buried deep in her teen holes before the night was through. By the time the fucking had winded down, Angelina had swallowed three loads of cum and took two more deep in her pussy.
Pictures count: 213 Full Video Length: 50 Min 12 Secs
Name: Alexis
Age: 19
Zodiac: Libra
Status: Single
Eyes: Brown
Hobbie: Getting Plowed
Alexis likes things to be extra big. From four fingers in her pussy and two guys to bang at the same time, Alexis is the queen of the double down. Chugging two dicks at once is standard practice for this small town hussy. Alexis is breaking out of her small town world and is poised to fuck every guy in the big city, even if it means taking them on two or three at a time!
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